About Us

We bring you the finest craftsmanship of Indian weavers. Each design and detail reflects the skills and traditions passed on from one generation weavers to another. Our weavers are our heroes. Their craftsmanship is our pride and heritage that  we aim to be protect and preserved.

Numerous man hours are required to bring grace and beauty into a fabric. Each weave takes painstaking efforts and the final product is no less than a piece of art. The beauty of handwoven and handcrafted fabric cannot be matched. With the advance of modern technology, the traditional hand loom is on verge of dying. As the handloom weavers compete with the less labour intensive and less time consuming alternatives.

We started Peeli Kothi as an ode to the rich textile heritage of our country. We have worked with weavers and artisans across the country and their tireless love and dedication towards their craft, is our source of inspiration.

We at Peeli Kothi, aim to do our bit to keep the tradition alive.